Erion Elmasllari

Experienced usability engineer, researcher, and speaker on complex socio-technical systems in critical environments. Been there, done that, lived to tell, teach, and inspire.

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Usability, user experience, emergent behavior, and the unexpected implications of complexity are cutting-edge concerns and huge opportunities across all fields of product and service development. Get your attendees inspired, challenged, and confronted with state-of-the art knowledge.

I mentor

Inspire your business leaders, managers, and personnel. Get them out of the “business as usual mindset”. Teach them new methods for product design and development. Bring together the worlds and viewpoints of managers, developers, and customers, all while designing your next “star” product.

Smurfit Kappa Innovation Event 2023

Keynote + Workshop:
Design. Thinking. Differently.

Smurfit Kappa is one of the greatest, oldest, and most experienced companies worldwide in the packaging industry. The keynote focuses on modern innovation and creativity approaches and on the design thinking process as a way to give new impulses and help the client keep and improve their leading position in the market.

Hamburg, Germany, 2023

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

 Design as a complex system

AI and Computer Simulation in Landscape Practice
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, 2019

Germany, MedConf 2019

 Usability Engineering in life-critical contexts

MedConf 2019: Medical Software and Hardware Development
Munich, Germany, 2019

South Korea, Daejeon University

Training & Mentoring:
 Usability testing

Lead of the “Train the trainers” program of the South Korean Government project to introduce Usability Standards in the Korean Industry.
Daejeon University, South Korea, 2019

Spain, ISCRAM 2019

Design and development methods for improving acceptance of IT among emergency responders

The 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
Valencia, Spain, 2019

Germany, Deutsche Medienakademie

Wearables and Platforms: Quicker, smaller, but also better?

Next-Gen-Information & Communication Executive Roundtable
Deutsche Medienakademie, Cologne, Germany, 2018

South Korea, Aslla Symposium

 The human in the AI Factory

Workshop on “The 4th industrial revolution and AI Factory”
Gangneung, South Korea, 2018.

Germany, Urban Development Workshop

IoT in support of security and user experience in public events

Workshop on safety and security in public events

German Institute for Urban Development
Berlin, Germany, 2019

South Korea, Daejeon University

 Usability, a key requirement for today’s products

Usability Engineering for Virtual Reality and Medical Devices
Daejeon University, South Korea, 2018

In others’ words
“…a source of wisdom and insight. His sharp analytical skills help him understand the most challenging user needs and translate them into products that customers crave for.”


“Mr. Elmasllari’s User Centered Technology Design workshop received the highest rating among all courses ever offered at our Talent School up to that point.”

Fraunhofer FIT Talent School

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