Erion Elmasllari shown in front of a whiteboard demonstrating an interaction to the viewers

“Erion Elmasllari is a leading usability engineer and researcher for complex socio-technical systems in demanding and critical environments. He is also an engaging speaker and passionate, pragmatic, and no-nonsense teacher and mentor.”

Erion started his career as a software engineer, but was quickly shocked to see users being brought to tears by complicated programs. He made it his life’s mission that nobody should ever suffer under unusable, unfriendly software and products.

In his fifteen years of ongoing experience, Erion has been “a bridge between worlds”, bringing together businesses, managers, developers, and customers to create products and systems that people love and use.

From entry level to top management positions, from employee to business owner: Erion has been there, done that, and lived to tell, teach, and inspire. He posesses deep knowledge and long experience in the front lines of User Centered Design, Usability, Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Design Thinking, UX Engineering, and Hardware Design across industries, research, and academia. This rare combination of fields of expertise make Erion Elmasllari one of a very few people globally who can fluently unite creativity, critical thought, and actual hands-on work across all aspects of the technology development process.

Erion holds multiple award-winning, “Summa cum Laude” MSc and PhD degrees in computer science, software engineering,  human-computer interaction, and business administration, as well as various professional certifications. He fluently speaks English, Italian, and German, and can find his way around in French. Erion’s past clients include software houses, airlines, airports, world-class research institutes, international organisations including the UN, FAO, and the European Commission, as well as companies large and small in the areas of emergency management, healthcare, energy efficiency, internet of things, hardware and electronics design, privacy and security, taxes and finance, and other complex systems.

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