Usability, UX, and business survival in the 21st century

Usability — also known as user friendliness, ease of use, etc. — has become the most important criterion for buyers. 89% of companies estimate that by 2020 their main competitive advantage will be usability and user experience. 50% of business investments for product development will be dedicated to customer experience alone.
This talk introduces usability, UX, and their related concepts. Through concrete examples and figures, the talk illustrates how and why usability and UX can make or break your business, and why you cannot ignore them. Crucially, the talk shows that usability is not a bitter pill you have to swallow, but a process that will save you time, money, and headaches, at the same time increasing the motivation of your staff. By the end of the talk the audience will be wondering why they didn’t listen to this talk earlier!




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