Design thinking beyond the hype

Every agency and consultant out there is spamming your phone with offers for design thinking. In-flight magazines bombard you with design thinking — right next to the “these shoes make you tall” ads. You search Google for a picture of design thinking and all you get are circles, honeybees, and post-it notes. Is there anything real to it? This talk introduces design thinking, then takes a critical look at it away from the hype and the post-its. A mix of cool headed analysis and passionate storytelling, this talk will show your audience what design thinking is good for, where are its limits and its strong points, and what effort does it require in order to make a difference to their bottom line (or their life).


all sizes, all fields, especially consumer goods and services


especially those in technology fields


Product managers, Project managers, Innovation managers…


Requirements Engineers

and other product or market research roles

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