IoT in support of security and user experience in public events

Public events generally improve the quality of life for residents and tourists alike, but the better they are, the more challenges they cause due to the large number of visitors. Safety and security, emergency handling, and loud noises are a headache for host cities, whereas improving the participant experience and the logistics of payment and admittance make event organizers yearn for better solutions. Solutions based on the Internet of Things approach (IoT) can help greatly, but need to be designed with the users and the particulars of such events in mind. After an overview of market and technological trends, the talk presents tested examples of how IoT can be used and how systems can be designed to cope with the challenges while significantly improving the participant experience.


event-related services, security providers


public engagement, IoT, culture, …

Business Developers

into the event market.

Public Administration

events, security, ….

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