Dedicated buttons for Copy/Paste on keyboards

Such keys were in the original Xerox Star keyboard in 1981:

(from where you can find more pictures).

I don’t know why they didn’t make it into the later hardware though. Incidentally, the removal…

UX for Website Conversion Retail vs. B2B Large scale

ISO 9241-210 says user experience is “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service”. It includes all the users’ beliefs, perceptions, preferences, emotions, physical/psychological resp…

How can I show a traffic device modes?

How about:

Smart Mode: Show a full signal light (Red, Yellow, Green all on)
Blink mode: Signal light with Yellow light on and red/green grayed out? (Don’t blink the yellow light — it will be distracting!)

XBee Packetization problem

Yes, the only reliable option I have found to avoid packets being split is to use the API mode. There is an Arduino library to help you with that already, xbee-arduino from Andrew Rapp. Don’t forget to configure API mode escaped, otherwise the frames w…