Raspberry Pi crashes during heavy network activity

A quick tip on solving Raspberry Pi crashes during heavy network activity. It happened to me that, during heavy WiFi network traffic, e.g. when uploading or downloading a file to the Raspberry Pi, the connection would drop. I tried several WiFi dongles with no success. Apparently, the USB driver exhausts memory under certain conditions, causing […]

RIP Douglas Engelbart

RIP Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart, the father of the computer mouse, is no more. Known not only for inventing the mouse, but also for showing shared documents, simultaneous editing, remote collaboration, and much more already in 1968, when personal computers were little more than a dream.

The bare words under the design

via Justin Jackson. Justin’s essay struck a chord with me, because it looks at the basic, innermost kernel of the web: words. On a purposefully old-fashioned-looking page, it tears apart all the layers of design make-up and calls to focus on the message, on the information the page conveys. The essay should not be taken […]