I remember teaching my daughter to code HTML when she was 8. The first thing she wrote was a story about a squirrel. She wasn’t “writing HTML”; she was sharing something with the world.¬†She couldn’t believe that she could write a story on our home computer, and then publish it for the world to see. She didn’t really care about HTML, she cared about sharing her stories.

via Justin Jackson.

Justin’s essay struck a chord with me, because it looks at the basic, innermost kernel of the web: words. On a purposefully old-fashioned-looking page, it tears apart all the layers of design make-up and calls to focus on the message, on the information the page conveys. The essay should not be taken “to the letter” — this is no Luddite call to go to the web of 1997. It is the spirit of the essay that I find fascinating. Where I do disagree is only this sentence: “the most powerful tool on the web is still words.” In my opinion, videos or photos can be just as powerful and just as valid to get a message across, albeit not as accessible as words. All in all, a good read.