Even if your navigation is the most perfect one, you do need a homepage, because the homepage is the one that serves these cases:

  • Users type the URL/domain name directly. Your loyal readers/clients may remember your domain and type it in directly, or find it in your business card and type it in.
  • As a corollary: When a user types a simple word in the address bar, many browsers try first to add .com/.net to it, and only if no site turns up do they send the query to a search engine. Users typing your company’s name in the address bar will be implicitly served by your homepage.
  • User searches explicitly for your company/website name (i.e. type into search box). No other page is a good fit for that search, unless you can guarantee that the “About us” page will be the top result in search engines. But in that case “About us” becomes de facto the homepage anyway.